Planerade parningar 2011 

(Planer är vad planer är...det kan ändras)


Planned breedings 2011

(Plans are what plans are...It can be changed)




Vår /Spring  2011


S*Abo Volo´s Undici, PER ns11


S*Abo Volo´s Zoogin, PER ny24 (litterbrother with Zlatan och Zara, Best goldens in Sweden 2010)






Vår/Spring 2011



S*Abo Volo´s Zarah Dawn Finer, PER ny11 (best shaded golden in Sweden 2010)

 Vi har inte bestämt oss än, men en silverpojke blir det iaf.





Winter 2011


S*Abo Volo´s Roxette


IDP*New Dawn´s Cool Water




Not Avaliable 



Summer 2011 ? 


S*Abo Volo´s A Scandal Beauty

GIC S*Abo Volo´s Rabalder (kanske/maybe) (Best blue shaded silver i Sverige 2007, 2009 och 2010) 





If You are  intrested in kittens fom S*Abo Volo´s

 please feel free to send an e-mail to me for further details


Please note!

Only inquiries wich contains your full name, country, and town where you live,

and I short presentation of your self will get response.

Information about your cattery, how many cats you have and how they live.

No inquiries from cattery where the cats live in a cage, please.

Males are sold for private studservice only.